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यहाँ से हमलोग class १२थ English का टेस्ट देंगे 

इस टेस्ट को देने के लिए आपको अपना नाम और एक ईमेल डालना होगा उसके बाद आप प्रश्न को soulve करके सबमिट कर दे उसके बाद में अपलोगो को result एक दिन बाद youtube पर दे देंगे



Welcome to your English Test

1.When Dorothy Sayers became one of the first women to graduate from Oxford University ?Add description here!
2. W.H. Auden won the Pulitzer Prise in the year?
3. What a lovely flower it is ...Add description here!
4. He is always careful.
5. Which civilization is not beaten in the world?
6. Sahitya Akademi Award was given to Keki N. Daruwala in -
7. Choose the correct option.
8. I bought ............... horse, an ox and a buffalo.
9. A place where coins are made is called
10. Everybody ............... to the zoo yesterday.
11. Much
12. The Anglo-Sexons were .... people .
13. Whom the poet loves so intensely that he wants to come back soon –
14. 'AN EPITAPH' is a –
15. Old English covers AD 449-AD ......
16. Have you ........... Rakesh? (Choose the correct tense forms)
17. Kamlesh has been ............his house for a few days. (Choose the correct tense forms)
18. ......... you prefer tea or coffee?(Choose the correct auxiliary verb) (A) Can (B) Could (C) Would (D) Will
19. We.......... keep the City clean. (Choose the correct auxiliary verb) (A) will (B) should (C) shall (D) could
20. Everyone will admit it. (Choose the suitable negative sentence)
21. Which language is not our native language?
22. Who are known as the international Indian English writers ?
23. Keki N Daruwalla was a ...... poet.
24. 'He's broken every human law' is from:
25. The line, “I think she was the most beautiful lady'is from (Choose the correct option)
26. ...... was a great lover of Nature.
27. Walt Whitman worked as a volunteer nurse in:
28. John Donne is a ...... poet.Add description here!
29. According to Pearl S. Buck, the Indian people are deeply ........
30. Shiga Naoya is a ...... writer.

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