English 100 marks class 12th Poetry chapter 10 Important question answer


English 100 marks class 12th Poetry chapter 10 Important question answer

दोस्तों स्वागत है आप सभी  का आज के इस पोस्ट में हम ने English कक्षा 12  के Poetry  चैप्टर 10 का अध्यन करेंगे  है जो आप के परीक्षा की तैयारी कर सकते है

Bihar board Important Questions for Class 12th  English Chapter Wise

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English class 12th  chapter 10 important objective question. 12th English objective question for board exam. bseb English class 12th  chapter 10. 10 chapter objective question of English class 12th .


Kamla Das





Born:      31 March1934 (Kerela)


Died:      31 May 2009 (Pune)


Poet and short story writer


Her autobiography,published in,1976


1984,she was short listed for the Nobel Prize for literature




My Grand Mother’s House is written

by ……

(A) John Donne

(B) DH Lawrence

(C) Keki N Daruwala

(D)  Kamala Das




Kamala Das remembers the happy days spent in the sweet company of her….

(A) Mother             


(C) grandmother    






Kamala Das is an …… poetess.

(A) American         

(B) African

(C) Indian              

(D) Nigerian





The poetess in the Grandmother’s

House “begs at …….. doors.

(A) friend’s             

(B) family’s

(C) stranger’s        

(D) enemy’s





There is a house new far away where

once received love is from the poem.

(A) Song of Myself

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) My Grandmother’s Home

(D) None of these




Who used to live with her grandmother?

(A) Kamala Das            

(B) Mahadevi Verma

(C) Indira Gandhi

(D) None of these





My way and beg now at stranger’s

doors is taken from the poem.

(A) Fire Hymn

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) My Grandmother’s house

(D) None of these




The poetess in ‘My grand Mother’s

house’ begs at ……… doors.

(A) Friend’s            

(A) family’s

(C) Stranger’s        

(D) enemy’s






9.What moved freely in the silent house?

(A) Lizards             

(B) snakes

(C) cockroaches    

(D) dogs





10.Kamla Das,poet and short story writer,has earned a respectable place in both English and….

(A) Hindi                

(B) telugu

(C) Malayalam       

(D) urdu





11.Autobiography of Kamla Das was published in……

(A) 1956                

(B) 1966

(C) 1976                

(D) 1986






12.The speaker of ‘My Grandmother’s House’ is proud of….

(A) Her parent’s house

(B) her grandmother’s house

(C) her uncle’s house

(D) none of these





13.When did the speaker of ‘My Grandmother’s House’ live with her grandmother?

(A) During her childhood

(B) during her adolescence

(C) during her youth

(D) none of these





14.She noticed a…….behind the door of the bedroom.

(A) Ox                   

(B) cow

(C) dog                  

(D) cat




‘My Grandmother’s House is an……poem by Kamla Das

(A) Biographical     

(B) autobiographical

(C) bibliographical  

(D) none of these




16.Kamla Das was born in…..

(A) 1924                

(B) 1926

(C) 1928                

(D) 1934




17.Kamla Das was died in…

(A) 2009                

(B) 2011

 (C) 2012                      

(D) 2013


Ans:       A    






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