English 100 marks class 12th chapter 7 Important question answer


English 100 marks class 12th chapter 7 Important question answer

दोस्तों स्वागत है आप सभी  का आज के इस पोस्ट में हम ने English कक्षा 12  के  चैप्टर 7 का अध्यन करेंगे  है जो आप के परीक्षा की तैयारी कर सकते है

 Bihar board Important Questions for Class 12th  English Chapter Wise

bihar board Important Questions for Class 12th  English Chapter Wise in Hindi medium Pdf download for free.  is designed by expert teachers from latest edition for NCERT books to get good marks in board exams. Here we have given English Class 12th  Important Questions.

English class 12th  chapter 1 important objective question. 12th English objective question for board exam. bseb English class 12th  chapter 7. 7 chapter objective question of English class 12th .

1.Germaine Greer is an …… writer.

  • (A) Australian      
  • (B) Indian
  • (C) British            
  • (D) American
  • Ans:A

2. …… visited an enormous modern hospital for ‘Bantu patients’ in south Africa.

  • (A) Sheila Kitzinger
  • (B) Geeta Sethi
  • (C) Mamata Sen         
  • (D) Ragini Kri
  • Ans:A

3. …… woman visit her mother’s house during pregnancy.

  • (A) An Indian       
  • (B) A Sylheti
  • (C) An African             
  • (D) A Canadian
  • Ans:A

4. In Bangladesh …… is a kind of fairy tales.

  • (A) Rupthoka       
  • (B) Supthoka
  • (C) Tupthoka       
  • (D) Jupthoka
  • Ans:A

5. A…… woman has to observe various taboos, rituals and customs.

  • (A) pregnant
  • (B) beautiful
  • (C) ugly                
  • (D) wicked
  • Ans:A

6. In Bangladesh Rupthoka is a kind of

  • (A) sweet dish     
  • (B) bread
  • (C) fairy tales       
  • (D) spoem
  • Ans:C

7… is an extract from Sex and Destiny : The Politics of Human Fertility.

  • (A) A child is Born
  • (B) The Artist
  • (C) A Pinch of Snuff   
  • (D) The Earth
  • Ans:A

8.Infant and ……………. mortality is greater in traditional births.

  • (A) mother          
  • (B) father
  • (C) sister              
  • D.brother
  • Ans:A

9. Rupthoka is told by …………

  • (A) mother           
  • (B) aunt
  • (C) sister              
  • (D) brother
  • Ans:B

10.Who visits mother’s house as a rewardof pregnancy?

  • (A) Sylhet woman
  • (B) Punjabis woman
  • (C) Bihari woman
  • (D) Odishi woman
  • Ans:A

11.Married women do not become members of their new family until they have

  • (A) started cooking     
  • (B) startearning
  • (C) mix with others     
  • (D) born a child                                         
  • Ans:D

12. In Bangladesh Rupthoka is a kind of

  • (A) bread                     
  • (B) sweet dish
  • (C) fairy tales              
  • (D) None
  • Ans:C

13. Germaine Greer is a famous …….. writer.

  • (A) scientific                
  • (B) feminist
  • (C) educational           
  • (D) None of these
  • Ans:B

14.The naming ceremony is held when the baby is,

  • (A) seven days old
  • (B) five days old
  • (C) the days old
  • (D) None of these
  • Ans: A

15.The hospital was very uncooperative about

  • (A) Providing meals
  • (B) Exploit childbirth
  • (C)Breast feeding
  •  (D) Giving medicines
  • Ans:C

16.That a woman could lose her own name and become known as the mother of her first-born, is regarded in west as

  • (A) Outreach               
  • (B) Outrageous
  • (C) Outpart                  
  • (D) Outreach
  • Ans:B

17.During pregnancy the best place for the woman is

  • (A) hotel               
  • (B) in-laws-family
  • (C) mother’s house
  • (D) None of these
  • Ans:C

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