English 100 marks class 12th chapter 5 Important question


English 100 marks class 12th chapter 5 Important question

दोस्तों स्वागत है आप सभी  का आज के इस पोस्ट में हम ने English कक्षा 12  के  चैप्टर 5 का अध्यन करेंगे  है जो आप के परीक्षा की तैयारी कर सकते है

 Bihar board Important Questions for Class 12th  English Chapter Wise

bihar board Important Questions for Class 12th  English Chapter Wise in Hindi medium Pdf download for free.  is designed by expert teachers from latest edition for NCERT books to get good marks in board exams. Here we have given English Class 12th  Important Questions.

English class 12th  chapter 1 important objective question. 12th English objective question for board exam. bseb English class 12th  chapter 5. 5 chapter objective question of English class 12th .

1.Who wrote why I am not a Christian?

  • (A)Shiga Naoya             
  • (B) Bertrand Russell 
  • (C) M. Gandhi              
  • (D) H.E.Bates


2.ldeas That Have Helped Mankind is   written by…….

  • A.Bertrand Russell         
  • B. Shiga Naoya
  • C.Germaine Greer       
  • D.Pearl S Buck

3………was also a commentator on a   large variety of topics.  

  • A.Mahatma Gandhi  
  • B.Dr. Zakir Hussain  
  • C.Martin Luther King Jr.  
  • D.Bertrand Russell  

4.Bertrand Russell belonged to ..  

  • (A) Britain                     
  • (B) Ireland 
    (C) Iceland                    
  • (D) Gemmany  

5.Robins peck an elderly …. to death.  

  • (A) owl                          
  • (C) robin  
  • (B) peacock                  
  • (D) pigeon 

6.Has civilisation touch to be more toward one another

  • A.Enemy                       
  • B.  Angry
  • C.Upset
  • D.Friendly

7.The word development is related to……

  • A.Caste                         
  • B.Race
  • C.Man                           
  • D..Idea

8.Long infancy was a biological advantage

  • A.Animals                     
  • B.Birds
  • C.Mankind                    
  • D.Earth

9.Utilisation of what things became a milestone in human process..

  • A.Water                        
  • B.Stone
  • C.Fire                             
  • D.Cereal

10.What taught us to be more friendly toward one another?  

  • A.Idea  
  • B.Civilisation
  • C.Catastropte              
  • D.Process

11.When was Bertrand Russell awarded with nobel prize

  • A.1947                          
  • B. 1948
  • C.1949                          
  • D.1950

12.We are get variety of enjoyment due to

  • A.Our intelligence       
  • B.Our physical strength
  • C.Property
  • D. None of these

13.Bertrand Russell was a….

  • A.Philospher                
  • B. Historian
  • C.Mathematician        
  • D.All of these

14.Birds die of hunger in large numbers in…

  • A.Summer season      
  • B.Rainy season
  • C.Winter season         
  • D.Automn season

15.Ideas gave the way for…

  • A.Molding                              
  • B.Development
  • C.Emotions                  
  • D.Duplicity

16.The two broad categories of idea that have helped mankind…

  • A.Concern and humanity    
  • B.Knowledge and technique
  • C.Technique and skill           
  • D.Imagination and knowledge

17.The word pictorial was related to early man with…

  • A.Reading                     
  • B.Cooking
  • C.Writing                      
  • D.Hunting

18.Bertrand Russell was born in…

  • A.1970                          
  • B.1972
  • C.1974                          
  • D.1976

19.Bertrand Russell was died in….

  • A.1960                          
  • B.1968
  • C.1970                          
  • D.1980

20.The inventions of……..was more important then domestification of animal.

  • A.Agriculture               
  • B.Weapons
  • C.Vehicles                     
  • D.None of these

21.Burtrand Russell was awrded with Nobel Prize in….

  • A.Peace                         
  • B.Medicine
  • C.Economics                
  • D.Literature

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