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sociology  important subjective question and answer part 1.

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Que.1 What do you mean by investivism?

Ans – This process started after the Industrial Revolution when the western countries started producing more money and more goods to sell. The process of conquering the countries of Asia and Africa by the western or powerful countries and establishing their rule in the conquered countries is called colonialism.


Que.2 Which processes are included under Globalization?

Ans – There are many aspects of globalization, special among them are the movement of goods, capital news and people at the international level, as well as the development of technology (in the field of computer telecommunications and transportation) and other infrastructure facilities that give impetus to this movement. Huh.


Que 3. Interactive Inspection What is zip?

Ans- The researcher of participatory observation does not remain in the group as a stranger but remains as a part of it. It is not necessary that he takes part in all the activities of the group, but he does not live in the position of an observer in the group, thus he remains a member of the group and observes it by participating in most if not the entire activities of the group. and collects relevant data. It helps to collect more accurate data.


Que 4. What is the meaning of regionalism?

Ans – In India, the reorganization of states has been done mainly on linguistic basis in 56 AD. are mostly interconnected on many grounds. Regionalism is a narrow sense of loyalty to one’s region or state. Many times it happens that the people of a particular region or region think that many socio, cultural, economic or constitutional rights are being expected, due to which people start demanding those privileges and officers for the development of their regional region. should be done in the context of the whole society.


Que 5. What is the meaning of patriarchy?

Ans-Patriarchy is that system in which more importance is given to the power and authority of men than women by tradition and rules of behavior. In a society where patriarchy prevails, men have more rights than women in the society. The rules related to marriage and family are in favor of men. The tradition of lineage follows the name of the father. After marriage, girls go to their husband’s house and their surname changes according to the surname of their husband. The right to property practically goes to the father’s sons.

Que 6. What is consolidation?

Ans – It is a system of collecting land. If a farmer had land worth cultivating at different places in the same village, then that farmer was given the same land together at one place or they were organized in one place. This was called consolidation.

sociology question answer.

Que 7. What is cooperative farming?

Ans – Co-operative farming means that the owners of small pieces of land gather together and cultivate their land on the basis of cooperative and divide the income from that land according to their land. remains and agricultural works are also done by sharing. The profit that comes from it is divided.

Que 8. What is National Integration?

Ans-Nationalism means to awaken the feelings of patriotism, national respect and nationalism among the people of the nation. In fact, a national consists of people of different caste, religion, sect, to establish an emotional thread between these different ethnic groups so that they become one nation by binding them and give importance to national objectives and interests over regional provincial objectives. In other words, nationalism means coming under one flag and one flag and imbued with the spirit of nationalism.


Que 9. Explain the importance of reform movement for women?

Ans – Women’s movements are seen as major social movements in the present period. 20th century is known as Mahila Jagran Yogik; Women’s liberation movements in western countries take place from time to time; women have been exploited all over the world even today. In these areas, women are harassed and exploited, the condition of women is improving through women’s movements, as a result, the National Commission for Women was established, now women have got equal status as husband.


class 12th sociology important question.

Que 10. Write the results of religious conquerors in India?

Ans- Religious diversity is found in India, due to the difference in religious beliefs, the rate of population growth in different sects is not the same. The percentage of pain of education in different religious sects depends on many other factors like poverty, superstition, religious customs, adoption or not of adopting family planning, practice of polygamy or monogamy, widow remarriage etc.

There is also a negative side of religious diversity in Indian society. This diversity has also been responsible for the development of communal and narrow sentiments. Though religious tolerance has a long history in Indian society, it cannot be denied that communal forces have emerged in the last few decades and communalism is still a burning problem of India.



Bihar board exam sociology important question 2022

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