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Bihar Board Class 12th political science model paper- पार्ट 2,

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Que.1. How do political parties participate in the government?
Ans. Political parties are a pillar in a democracy. Political parties are necessary for the successful operation of government in democratic countries. Political parties in India participate in the government in many ways. All political parties contest elections to form the government. Political parties form the government. They work to run the government of the state. Political parties that lose elections play the role of opposition. Political parties connect the people with the government machinery and bring the plans of the government to the people. The political party conveys the will and need of the people to the government.


Que.2.What is Anna Andolan?
Ans. The socialist veteran leaders of Maharashtra were on hunger strike in front of the Red Fort in Delhi against corruption, which we know as the Anna Andolan. Through this fast unto death, he made more and more politicians officers and for legal action against many more social forces. Forced the government and the justice system.

Que.3. Write a comment on Women Empowerment?
The main objective of women’s empowerment is to bring women into the mainstream in the field of development and participation in the society. No society or system can claim development by neglecting or ignoring half of its population. Moving women forward for the family. It is also beneficial. This does not mean that women have to stand as opponents of men, but to bring them forward as able allies. For this, a provision of 50% reservation has been made in local bodies and 33% reservation in the legislature. Efforts are on to provide


Que.4. What do you understand by Lokpal? Write a note on his efforts in India.
Ans. Lokpal to hear any matter relating to public grievance
The post is created. In the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, this organization is well known by the name of Ombudjmann. This organization has been very successful in dealing with the issue of corruption. Its efforts in India have been going on since 1966. The post of Lokayukta is functioning in the states. But it is not successful at the central level. The Bill was introduced in the Parliament several times, but could not be passed due to one reason or the other. In 2011, with the efforts of Gandhian leader Anna Hazare, the draft of Jan Lokpal is being prepared by five representatives of civil society and government.


Que.5. What has changed in the position of women after independence?

Ans. After independence, there have been conscious efforts to bring the status of women from inequality to equality. At present, women have equal status with men. Women are free to choose any type of education or training but discrimination is still done against women in rural society which should be removed. Although legally women have equal rights with men, but in practice women are still discriminated against in the male dominated system that has existed since ancient times.



Que.6. Explain the principle of peaceful coexistence?

Ans. The meaning of the principle of peaceful coexistence is conflicting ideology
Despite the spirit of living together, cooperating in each other’s development. All the nations of the world should live peacefully together and avoid war etc. It is because of the spirit of peaceful co-existence that the world is saved from the horrors of nuclear war. Peaceful co-existence has been the main feature of Indian foreign policy. On the basis of this policy, India has made friendship treaties and trade agreements with more and more countries.


Que.7. In what sense was the Congress an ideological alliance Mention the various ideological presence present in the Congress?

Ans.From the very beginning, many groups have united their identity with the Congress.
gave. At times it also happened that a group did not harmonize its identity with the Congress and remained within the Congress as an individual or group, following their respective beliefs. In this sense the Congress was also an ideological alliance. The Congress contained within itself the revolutionary and the pacifist, the conservative and the radical, the extremist and the moderate, the right wing, the left and the centrists of every stream. The Congress was like a platform on which many groups, interests and political parties would come together and participate in the national movement. In the pre-independence period, many organizations and parties were allowed to remain in the Congress.


Que.8. What was the background of the Emergency of 1975?

Ans. Before the emergency of 1975, many such incidents happened inside the country.
Whose role was being prepared for a long time. These events were political, moral and constitutional as well. These events prepared the background of the Emergency, which is the unprecedented victory of Indira Gandhi in the 1971 general election. Attack on freedom of press and freedom of expression, abolition of right of peaceful assembly and demonstration, raids against opponents and criminal cases etc. More such incidents happened. Deteriorating economic condition of the country, partiality in administration, public dissatisfaction, Indira’s arbitrariness and stubbornness. Role of Congress sycophants All these things prepared the background of the Emergency of 1975.



Que.9. What were the main reasons for the dominance of Congress in Indian politics?

Ans. The Indian National Congress party remained in power after independence.
After the death of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964, the Congress party lacked a miraculous and efficient leadership. As a result, Indira Gandhi’s government of the Congress Party remained at the center in 1967. But in the assembly elections of the states, the opposition parties of the Congress unitedly came to power and formed the government. In which the government of the opposition party of Congress was formed in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Orissa.
But in the 1971 elections, the Congress party again got a huge majority. The forced government of Congress was formed at the centre. In the Legislative Assembly elections of 1972, the Congress again gained power in the states by getting a huge majority. In this way the Congress regained its lost mass base, this was called the restoration or dominance of the Congress system.


Que.10. what is naxalism?

Ans.Naxalism is a violent violence influenced by the ideology of communism and Maoism.
is movement. This movement is called Naxalism because it started in 1967 at the place of Naxalism in West Bengal. This movement is more active in India in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Naxalites want fundamental changes in the social and economic system through violence and revolution. complete a. Environment is the environment that surrounds man and influences his life and activities. But today it is a matter of sorrow that today where we breathe, drink water, grow food, we also work to promote pollution. Therefore, the need to protect it is the need of environmental protection.


Que.11. How is the governor of a state appointed?

Ans. The Governor is appointed by the President. President Governor’s
While making appointments consult the Union Cabinet. In fact, the Governor is appointed by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, as the President appoints the same person as the Governor who is recommended by the Cabinet.


Que.12. What is President’s Rule?

Ans. According to the constitution, the central government has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting each state from external aggression and internal disturbance and also to ensure that the government of each state is run in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. It has also been provided in the Constitution that the President is satisfied by the Governor or by any other means that If it is not possible to run the government in a state according to the constitution, then the President can impose President’s rule in that state. In this way, the President may make emergency in the states when the constitutional machinery fails can use powers.

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