Bihar Board ENGLISH    model Paper 2023 Set-7 बिहार बोर्ड मॉडल पेपर डाउनलोड करें


Bihar Board ENGLISH    model Paper 2023 Set-7 बिहार बोर्ड मॉडल पेपर डाउनलोड करें

यहां, इस पोस्ट में हम कक्षा 12 बिहार बोर्ड के अंग्रेजी मॉडल पेपर 2023 के बारे में चर्चा करने जा रहे हैं, साथ ही हम बिहार बोर्ड परीक्षा के लिए कुछ अतिरिक्त महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न भी जानेंगे। मॉडल पेपर प्राप्त करने से पहले हम मॉडल पेपर के बारे में कुछ विवरण जानते हैं। चलिए, शुरू करते हैं


1.He has been absent ………….. Monday. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) since

(B) for

(C) from

(D) by


सभी प्रश्न के उत्तर निचे है

2.I always ………….. the car twice a week. (Choose the best verb form)

(A) washes

(B) wash

(C) washing

(D) washed


  1. Did you remember …………. the letter? (Choose the best verb form)

 (A) post

(B) posting

(C) to post

(D) to posting






4.He is ………… postman.(Choose the best article)

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) No Article


5.Bring me ………… of water. (Choose the best verb form)

(A) some glass

(B) a glass

(C) a piece of glass

(D) an glass


  1. Drivers …………. drive over the speed limit.(Choose the best verb form)

(A) should

(B) can

(C) must not

(D) must


  1. What ………….. you been doing?(Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) was

(B) will

(C) have

(D) should






8.Wasted time. … returns. (Choose the best verb form)

(A) never

 (B) forever

(C) always

(D) must not


9.Patna is situated ……….., the bank of the Ganga. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) at

(B) on

(C) of

(D) to


  1. The house was painted by Tom.(Choose the best active voice)

 (A) Tom was painting the house,

(B) Tom is painting the house.

(C) Tom paints the house.

(D) Tom painted the house.


  1. She was killed in ………….. accident.(Choose the correct option)

 (A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) No Article







  1. ………. pen is mighter than ………. sword. (Choose the correct option)

(A) A, an

(B) An, the

(C) The, the

(D) No Article


  1. Get me …………. kilo of rice from ……….. nearest grocer.

(Choose the correct option)

(A), the

(B) the, the

(C) the, a

(D) No Article


  1. You should abstain ……….. bad things..

(Choose the correct preposition)

(A) with

(B) from

(C) by

(D) into


  1. He never despaired ……….. success.(Choose the correct preposition)

 (A) of

(B) over

(C) into

(D) in







  1. She learns English. She learns Hindi.

(Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) She learns English as well as as Hindi.

(B) She learns Egnlish and Hindi.

(C) She learns both subjects.

(D) None of these


  1. This book is easiar. That book is easy

(Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) This book is easier than that book.

(B) This book is easier from that book.

(C) This book is easier of that book.

(D) None of these


  1. Gandhiji …………. advice Nehru and Patel.

(Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) ought to

(B) would

(C) used to .

(D) could


  1. His eyes sight is weak. he ……….. to wear glasses,

(Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) had

(B) does

(C) has

(D) was






  1. You ………… to work in this branch. It is and order form the head office.

(Choose the best option)

(A) are

(B) had

(C) do

(D) did


  1. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) They all love each other.

(B) They all love one another.

(C) They all love either.

(D) They all love oneself.


  1. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) They hurt theirself.

(B) They hurt themself.

(C) They hurt themselves.

(D) None of these


  1. The antonym of ‘Alive’

(A) Walk

(B) River

(C) God

(D) Dead


  1. The shopkeeper deals ………….. Nepalese goods.

(Choose the correct preposition)

(A) in

(B) over

(C) besides

(D) from


  1. Mohan deals fairly …………. his friend.(Choose the correct preposition)

 (A) with

(B) into

(C) in

(D) over


  1. Your answer is ………… the point.(Choose the correct preposition)

 (A) besides

(B) over

(C) by

(D) since


  1. They waited her for ………… hour.(Choose the correct option)

 (A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) No Article:






  1. ……….. moon is shining in ……….. sky.

(Choose the correct option)

(A) A, the

(B) An, the

(C) The, the

(D) No Article


29………….. you brush your teeth every morning. (Choose the correct option)

(A) Are

(B) Have

(C) Do

(D) Was


  1. They ……. talking at the top of their voice and distrubed us.

(Choose the correct option)

(A) are

(B) had

(C) do

(D) were


  1. In winter people burn a lot of oil.

(Change into passive voice).

(A) Oil is burned in winter by people.

(B) People burn oil in winters a lot.

(C) Oil is being burned in winter by people.

(D) A lot of oil is burnt by people in winter.






  1. A very old friend helped me. (Change into passive voice)

(A) I was helped by a very old friend.

(B) My friend helped me.

(C) My old friend helped me.

(D) My friend who was old helped me.


  1. The synonym of ‘Gaint

(A) loss

(B) profit

(C) help

(D) poor


  1. I said to my teacher, “Good morning, madam.”

(Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) I told my teacher to good morning.

(B) I respectfully wished my teacher good morning.

(C) I wished that my teacher have good morning.

(D) I bid good morning to my teacher.


  1. Rashi said, “My mother is my best friend.”

(Choose the correct indirect narration)

 (A) Rashi said that my mother is my best friend.

(B) Rashi said that my mother was my best friend.

(C) Rashi said that her mother was her best friend.

(D) Rashi thinks her mother to be best.








  1. Choose the Correct sentence.

(A) America is ready to give us further help.

(B) America is ready for give further help.

(C) America is ready to take further help.

(D) America will ready to give us further help.


37.Choose the Correct sentence.

(A) I will going there tomorrow.

(B) I has going there tomorrow.

(C) I had going there tomorrow.

(D) I will be gone there tomorrow.


  1. ‘A secred cow’ means

(A) a person never to be criticised

(B) a saintly person

(C) a very religious person

(D) a helpful person


  1. Choose the correctly spelt word.

(A) Governor

(B) Govinnor

(C) Givernor

(D) Geever


  1. Matter written by hand’ called

(A) Manuscripts

(B) Sculpture

(C) Inscription

(D) Monument




  1. Choose the correct sentence

(A) He is seeking employment

 (B) We hear radio employment

(C) She plays in the evening

(D) He invited me to dinner.


  1. I…………. my application yesterday.(Choose the best verb form)

 (A) written

(B) has written

(C) wrote

(D) will write


  1. His honesty and faithfulness ………. unquestionable.

(Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) is

(B) has

( Care

(D) have


  1. Choose the correctly spelt word

(A) Exhebition

(B) Exibition

(C) Exhibition

(D) Exabition








  1. Choose the correctly spelt word

(A) Futher

(B) Ferther


(D) Fruther


  1. You must start now. You will miss the bus.

(Choose the correct combination of sentence)

(A) Unless you start now, you will miss the bus.

(B) Will you start now, you will miss the bus.

(C) Till you start now, you will miss the bus.

(D) Untill you start now, you will miss the bus.


 47.Success depends ……….. hard labour. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) by

(B) of

(C) in

(D) on


  1. Pravin rode straight ……….. the arena.

(Choose the correct preposition)

(A) into

(B) in

(C) with

(D) at








  1. Neeraj wrote this letter yesterday.(Choose the correct passive voice)

(A) Yesterday was written letter by Neeraj

(B) This letter is written by Neeraj yesterday

(C) This letter was written by Neeraj yesterday

(D) This letter was wrote by Neeraj yesterday


50.Of all the students in the class, Ram is surely

(A) the more intelligent

(B) the most intelligent

(C) the inteiligent more

(D) more the intelligent


  1. Choose the incorrect sentence

(A) Holi falls in March

(B) Do you like cricket?

(C) He speaks English

(D) We saw deers in the zoo


  1. He is happy of being here.

(Choose the correct antonym of the underlined word)

(A) First

(B) Sad

(C) Jolly

(D) Excited








  1. I wish I … .. a minister. (Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) was

(B) had

(C) have

(D) were


  1. Why ……… you come to the party yesterday?

(Choose the best option)

(A) haven’t

(B) didn’t

(B) did

(C) shouldn’t

(D) wouldn’t


  1. He said, “Where is my bicycle?”

(Choose the correct indirect speech)

(A) He says where is his bicycle

(B) He asked where his bicycle was

(C) He will ask where is my bicycle

(D) He may ask where is my bicycle


  1. Such conduct deserves reprimand.

(Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word)

(A) praise

(B) rebuke

(C) reprisal

(D) reward






  1. Choose the correct synonym of ‘Fragrance

(A) Taste

(B) Aroma

(C) Sight

(D) Touch


  1. Holi is …………. important festival. (Choose the best option)

(A) A

(B) an

(C) the

(D) No Article


  1. John or Mary ……….. gone to Kolkata. (Choose the best auxiliary verb)

 (A) is

(B) has

(C) have

(D) were


  1. Give one word substitution for

‘A person who presents a radio/television programme

(A) Astronaut

(B) Anthropologist

(C) Anchor

(D) Archer









  1. Is there ……… money in you pocket? (Choose the best option)

 (A) much

(B) more

(C) any

(D) many


  1. I will meet him …………. the way.(Choose the correct preposition)

 (A) on

(B) AT

(C) by



  1. Choose the odd one

(A) Fox

(B) Leopard

(C) Pigeon

(D) Lion


  1. Reshma bought what she wanted, ……….

(Choose the correct question tag)

(A) won’t she

(B) can’t she

(C) can she

(D) didn’t she


  1. We’ve done our job, ……..

(Choose the correct question tag)

(A) didn’t we

(B) haven’t we

(C) have we

(D) did we


  1. The 18th century is known as the

(A) Cavalier Age

(B) Jacobean Age

(C) Augustan Age

(D) Romantic Age


  1. Oliver Goldsmith emphasized on the purity of

(A) city life

(B) village life

(C) town life

(D) domestic life


  1. When is censorship imposed in press on a country like


(A) During flood

(B) During emergency

(C) During election

(D) During disasters








  1. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi

(A) to visit the Red Fort

(B) to see some minister

(C) to participate a conference

(D) to spend the summer


  1. Who ‘run scolding for their food-‘in ‘Now the Leaves

are Falling Fast’?

(A) Trolls

(B) Lions

(C) Animals

(D) Birds


  1. “Some of the immediate and brilliant results of modern

inventions are too maddening to resist.” is from

(A) Bharat is My Home

(B) A Pinch of Snuff

(C) Indian Civilization and Culture

(D) Ideas That Have Helped Mankind


  1. The texts of which period are difficult to read and


(A) Middle English

(B) Old English

(C) Modern English

(D) Post-modern English







  1. ………. works include ‘Leaves of Grass’ and ‘Drum Taps’.

(A) Walt Whitman’s

(B) D.H. Lawrence’s

(C) Walter de la Mare’s

(D) T.S. Eliot’s


  1. The soldier in the poem ‘The Soldier’ is

(A) French

(B) English

(C) German . .

(D) Spanish


  1. ‘He lifted his head from is drinking’is from

(A) Snake

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph


  1. Who sits carelessly on the granary floor in ‘Ode to


(A) Old man

(B) Children

(C) Young men

(D) Woman


  1. India was a part of the background of

(A) the doctor’s life

(B) the wife’s life

(C) the Kashmiri man’s life

(D) Pearl S. Buck’s life



  1. When we speak of the freedom of the press’, we usally

mean freedom in a……… sense.

(A) broad

(B) legal

(C) technical

(D) social


  1. ‘However, rare rare it be; And when I crumble ……….” is taken from

(A) Fire-Hymn

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) Snake

(D) An Epitaph


  1. According to Bertrand Russell ………. die in large numbers

in winter.

(A) Human beings

(B) Plants

(C) Animals

(D) Birds


  1. The tendency of Indian civilization is to elevate

(A) immorality

(B) partiality

(C) moral being

(D) dishonesty







  1. Indian civilization is

(A) godless

(B) based on a belief in God

(C) based on partiality

(D) based on matter


  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain died in

(A) 1959

(B) 1969

(C) 1979

(D) 1989


  1. Nanukaka was installed in

(A) the guest room

(B) the drawing room

(C) author’s bedroom

(D) the varandah


  1. Who has written the story, ‘The Artist’?

(A) P. S. Buck

(B) M. Gandhi

(C) S. Naoya

(D) None of these


  1. Shiga Naoya was born in

(A) 1873

(B) 1853

(C) 1883

(D) 1893




  1. The news in the newspaper is generally

(A) to the point

(B) somewhat changed

(C) completely changed

(D) None of these


88.Decent journalists and resposible editors are not pleased

with present affairs

(A) true

(B) not true

(C) cannot be said

(D) None of these


  1. Buck’s family doctor was the

(A) English

(B) Indian

(C) American

(D) Chinese


  1. Gandhi’s hold was upon

(A) intellectuals

(B) peasants

(C) both

(D) None of these


  1. ‘Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe’ is…..

(A) a sonnet

(B) an ode

(C) a lyric

(D) a ballad.



  1. ‘Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe’ has been addressed to ….

(A) Donne’s sister

(B) Donne’s mother

(C) Donne’s friend

(D) Donne’s wife


  1. Auden won the Pulitzer Prize in …..

(A) 1947

(B) 1948

(C) 1949

(D) 1950


  1. Auden was

(A) a poet

(B) a verse dramatist

(C) a critic

(D) All of these


  1. The term ‘crumble’ used in the poem, ‘An Epitaph’ means


(A) die

(B) live

(C) suffer

(D) None of these



  1. The tone of the poem, ‘An Epitaph’ is ……..

(A) happy

(B) melancholy

(C) romantic

(D) None of these

  1. Who has composed the poem, ‘Fire-Hymn”?

(A) K.N. Daruwalla

(B) Kamala Das

(C) J.Mahapatra

(D) None of these


  1. K.N. Daruwalla received Sahitya Akademy Award in …….

(A) 1983

(B) 1984

(C) 1985

(D) 1986


  1. Who has composed the poem, ‘My Grandmother’s House’?

(A) Kamala Das

(B) A.K. Ramanujan

(C) Sarojini Naidu

(D) None of these


100.Who is the speaker in ‘My Grandmother’s House’?

(A) Toru Dutta

(B) Kamala Das

(C) S.K. Kumar

(D) None of these








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